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You are about to make a donation to HIGGS, a Greek public-utility organization, to support [TGE_beneficiary_official_name]. Upon completing your donation, HIGGS will provide you with more information regarding your donation receipt, allowing you to claim tax relief on your donation. Please note that by donating online, you accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (please see below). Thank you for your generosity!

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The following tax deductions apply to donors in Greece:
  1. Donations to public structures are exempt from donation taxes.
  2. Donations to Non-profit Organizations, municipalities, communities with charitable activities are subject to an independent tax of 0.5%, as long as they exceed the tax-free limit of € 1,000 per tax year and per donor.
  3. It is possible to reduce the amount of taxes by 20% of the total amounts, in the following cases: a) when these donations exceed € 100 during the tax year, b) when the total amount of donations does not exceed 5% of the donor's taxable income and c) the recipients of the donation belong to the General Government, legal entities under public law, Non-profit Organizations, Charitable Foundations.
The tax authority may request a review of the donation receipts for the finals tax clearance processes.

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