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You are about to make a donation to the King Baudouin Foundation, a Belgian public-utility foundation, to support [TGE_beneficiary_official_name]. Upon completing your donation, the King Baudouin Foundation will provide you with more information regarding your donation receipt, allowing you to claim tax relief on your donation. Please note that by donating online, you accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (please see below). Thank you for your generosity!

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As a Belgian tax resident and private individual, you can benefit from a tax reduction amounting to 45% of the amount actually paid. The total amount of donations for which the tax reduction is granted can never amount to more than 10% of the total net income, or more than €397,850 (tax year 2021 - income 2020).

As a company, your donation entitles you to a tax reduction: based on a corporate tax rate of 33.99%, your tax benefit will amount to €33.99 for a donation of €100.

The limit applicable to donations made by companies subject to corporate tax is 5% of taxable profit, with a ceiling of €500,000.

Belgian donors who have made a cumulative donation of at least €40 will receive a tax certificate on an annual basis. This certificate is issued in February of the following year.

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